“I believe that the happiness my family feels with our 10 month old twins, is a testimonial to the knowledge and support that Tara provided to me and my husband and my children.”

– Mom of 4 in South Denver

Self Care Strategy Session

Lifestyle SelfScript


What are you doing for yourself today? What do you GET to do?

Did you know that this is the number one thing that moms struggle with throughout motherhood? We forget to put ourselves first and we feel like there is no time. For most of us as children, we weren’t taught the importance of selfcare nor the skills needed to integrate this into our lives. We all have needs that are unique beyond the basics of survival. It’s time for you to figure out what they are and to learn how to create a rhythm, of selfcare habits and hobbies that work for you. You are worth it!We have the power to overcome the mindset of “can’t” and focus our thoughts and time on what’s possible. Tara can assist you in starting your journey to amazing selfcare today!
Together, we will assess your current situation and discover where improvements are needed. You will receive guidance on setting the stage for your personal selfcare rhythm and creating the time to give more to yourself.
This process is a living, breathing continuous flow of implementing creative strategies as your children grow, your needs change and new dynamics emerge.You will receive 2 virtual sessions and 3 follow up calls to assess progress. Please allow 90 minutes for each virtual session and 30 minutes for each follow up call.

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