‘I am so grateful that I was referred to Tara after I had my baby. She helped me with some issues I was having early on, and more recently with sleep issues. Her “sleep script” has been tremendously helpful! It is wonderful to have someone who you can come to for straight-forward advice. She is caring, experienced and knowledgeable. All her baby advice is based on a gentle, loving, natural approach. I would highly recommend her to all the new moms like me.”

-First time mom in Denver

“We cannot recommend Tara highly enough! Our 18 month old had major sleep regression following surgery. We couldn’t figure it out on our own. Tara worked with our family to find a solution that was right for us and created a simple plan that was easy to follow at all hours of the day. The whole family started sleeping better in a matter of days and we are forever thankful for Tara and her kind, loving approach!”

-First time mom in Denver

“Tara was the glue that held us together when our son was born. We were first time parents and didn’t have a clue what we were doing. I didn’t know how to help my wife in the beginning but wanted to, needed to. Tara was the key to that door for us, in fact, she was the key to EVERY door! We are so thankful we found her! I was a bit hesitant at first about having a doula come into our home, but that quickly changed with Tara’s first visit. She made us feel comfortable right away, is down to earth, brings with her a ton of wisdom and she made us laugh every time she was here.”

- First time dad in Denver

“I first heard about Tara through a friend. I was pregnant with my twins and scared out of my mind.  My friend had twins herself and Tara was her doula. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but knew that she came highly regarded. Immediately after meeting Tara, I felt so confident in her vast knowledge of pregnancy and newborns, but especially with multiples.  I started referring to her as my “Zen Garden”.  My house would be loud and chaotic and the moment she would walk into my house, everything felt calm.  She taught me so much about caring for twins, but more importantly, to have faith in myself and my motherly instincts.  I could talk to her about my fears, concerns etc, and she never judged, but always lent an ear and a shoulder. I believe that the happiness my family feels with our 10 month old twins, is a testimonial to the knowledge and support that Tara provided to me and my husband and my children.”

-Mom of four in South Denver

“Tara was there for us from the beginning. She helped us with planning for the arrival of our boys, from cribs and swaddles…to where I would nurse the babies.  We learned so much from watching her with our twins and loved when she would point out fun and interesting details about our boys. Tara helped us establish a rhythm for our household that allowed us to move easily into parenthood. We always looked forward to her visits and knew that everything would be okay. She was like our guardian angel during the first 6 months. She brought comfort and compassion to our whole family. Tara is a true gem and any family would be lucky to have her!”

- First time mom of twins in Castle Rock

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