Tara began her doula training and career in 2004 and has successfully supported over 250 families during their transition into parenthood and beyond.  She is a doula, mentor, author and parenting coach dedicated to helping families thrive.  Her focus is in serving families with children from birth through age 3 by providing in-home and virtual support.  She will work together with you as a team to create an environment that fosters a calm, encouraging and restful energy in your home.  Tara offers varied levels of individualized support to your family combining virtual consultations and personal home visits for local families in the Denver area.  She has extensive hands on experience supporting families blessed with twins and understands the unique dynamics and needs during the first year, postpartum.

Fun facts about Tara:

  • I always have chocolate with me
  • I have been practicing ballroom dancing since 2015
  • I cry when I laugh!;)
  • Next adventure = dogsledding
  • I drive barefoot whenever possible
  • I’m in love with mint chocolate chip ice cream
  • I have to stop and try every pizza place or bagel shop I see!

Personally, I’m a mom on a mission. Everything I do is for my daughter and my family. I moved to Colorado on a leap of faith in 2005 from New Jersey and I haven’t looked back. Ok, so I miss really good pizza 🙂 but other than that, I love the roots I’ve created here and all the unique life experiences I get to share with family and friends. Colorado is amazing!

My daughter was born in 2006 and it has been a whirlwind of challenges and great joy just as many of you will experience.  Becoming a parent is truly filled with every emotion humanly possible…and here are some things I’ve learned along the way…

It’s a journey of trial and error, figuring things out as you go, facing challenges and celebrating milestones. There are mistakes to learn from, concerns to find answers to ,laughing at yourself after the fact, great joy in simply staring at your newborn and moments you’ll be in awe of what you have created. You will learn quickly why self care is crucial to everyone’s happiness.

Just when you think you have it all figured out, something changes and you have to adjust to your childs’ needs.  There are days you will feel on top of the world and then days you will feel like you’ve been hit by a train.  You will question your decisions, only to realize your intuition was right the first time.  You’ll learn that allowing your partner to find his or her own way is just as important as you finding yours.  At the end of the day when your child says, “ I love you”, nothing else matters. You know it has all been worth it. Embrace the journey, learn from it, laugh about it, reach out for help, build your village, create your world.

The sky is clear; the stars are https://game-talk.online/ twinkling..

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