With endometriosis, the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside of it onto organs such cheap jordans ebay as the ovaries and bladder. Each month, as hormone levels rise and fall, the tissue builds up, then breaks down and bleeds. Because the blood has no way of leaving the body until a woman’s period, it causes internal bleeding and inflammation, which can lead to intense pain, blood clots, and the formation of scar tissue and adhesions.

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cheap jordans for sale The Institute’s patient centric approach combines the rigor of an academic lab with the flexibility of a startup. Instead of depending solely on academic grants which require scientists to apply the funding toward specific research programs, cc TDI also receives money from foundations and other philanthropic sources that do not carry such restrictions. This allows the research to move nimbly to “go with what’s working and pivot from what’s not working,” says Keller cheap jordans for sale.

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